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JOIN US in San Antonio – for the 2014 Retail Merchandising and Marketing Conference

Reservations are rolling in like nothing seen in recent years! Top-billed speakers, fireside chats with industry leaders, a rapidly filling Exhibit Hall and a newly renovated, magnificent hotel and spa give you plenty of reasons to click on the EVENTS link above, click the ad below or click right here. Wherever you click… get registered NOW!




Each new year arrives with a flourish of anticipation and a list of items we would like accomplished over the next 12 months. While the past year has been a fast-moving train of upgrades for this Association, 2014 is looking to be a year of outreach to new markets, business leaders and the many varied trade associations involved with the retail industry. 


New Benefits. New Programs.
New Information.
RSP, Support Service and Broker Membersread through everything on Gold Certification and get your application startednow. Find new projects in the RFP Warehouse and look for new products and potential clients in the Brand Marketplace. Visit the Research Clearinghouse often, as we continually add new informational documents that benefit your business. Looking for W-2 employees or contract workers? Wait until The Retail Recruiter launches in the coming weeks…
it's like nothing else out there.



We’ve Evolved…

and are moving key programs forward to positively impact the retail workspace. As an alliance of at-retail companies, our members are entrusted to deliver exceptional sales, marketing and service support to B2C manufacturers and retailers across all sectors, channels and countries involved in the retail industry. World Alliance for Retail Excellence & Standards has achieved accreditation under ISO/IEC 17021:2011 guidelines, has successfully launched the World Alliance Gold Certification | Retail Management Standards program and is quickly approching the release of a significantly enhanced, video enabled Employment JobBoard to support career and hourly workforce demands. Click here for an overview of all the benefits available to members.  



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